Works of François Murez inspired by Nature (mountains, rivers, lakes, woods, gardens ...) and translated to different media and materials.

Nature, by its beauty and fragility, inspired Francois Murez. His expressions are multiple:
° Landscape painting transcribes in colored materials the glance that runs through the mountains, follows rivers, reaches lakes, by gardens,
° Sculpture makes life floated, abandoned woods, or becomes wood-reliefs,
° Drawings capture the moment of emotion,
° Colloquiums go deeper into the landscape painting,
° Articles explicit techniques and compositions of old masters.

Espace Belle de N : Gallery - Nevers

Space of exhibition dedicated to the artists, the craftsmen, the associations so that they can present it their implementations in a bright setting situated in the historic center of the city.
Rent weekly or monthly
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The invention of the Bayeux Tapestry

Birth, composition and style of a medieval masterpiece
Geometry constructs space and time in the Bayeux Tapestry.

Symposium of 22-25 September 2016

Symposium organized by the City of Bayeux.
The Bayeux tapestry is a long ribbon which invites us to follow it. Its history becomes ....

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Espace Art Gallery - Brussells

From 4 till 22 September 2013

Set of wood-reliefs on the mountain, the trees. Cut woods, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, mosaics, assemble to give substance to these colored and warm works.

L'Origine du monde de Courbet

Etude de composition

L'Origine du monde, famous painting by Courbet, is discussed: it is a fragment of a larger canvas that the painter cut? The study of the composition can be used to provide an interesting idea on the subject.
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Composition in ancient Chinese paintings


How are composed the old Chinese paintings? By the same principles as our Western paintings?
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Espace Belle de N - Nevers

Du 10 au 16 Novembre 2012

Arbres musicaux

Dans le silence d'un sous-bois, les arbres profilent leurs silhouettes. Au mouvement de l'œil, au chatoiement de la lumière, les silhouettes s'irisent, s'éveillent, s'animent, mues par un rythme intérieur. Et sur cette partition boisée, les arbres dessinent leurs notes et colorent le sous-bois de leur musique silencieuse. In the silence of a forest, the trees show their silhouettes. On the movement of the eye, of the light, silhouettes awaken, come alive, driven by an inner rhythm. And on this sheet music, trees draw their notes and color underbrush from their silent music.
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Cannero Riviera - Lake Maggiore - Italy

From 20 till 24 August 2012

Paintings set of Italian inspiration

Espace Belle de N - Nevers

From 28 april till 1stMay

Truck gardens, kitchen gardens, flowers of garden or wild flowers, so many requests in the aesthetic charm.

- Gardens -
- Flowers -

Art in Garden

Paintings and Sculptures arranged in a private garden. Real and painted flowers answer. Cut shrubs and sculptured wood join.

3rdColloquium Landscape and Gardens

The course of a painter in the representation of the landscape: Georges Braque

April 6th, 2012

The modern civilization allowed the man a control of the outside world... In doing so, he works to destroy it in the exhausting or in the pollutant. It results (…) a negligence of the internal life reduced to the utilitarian practice of the rational faculties. We must now wait with hope, a return to requirements of the internal reality. The man has to reconquer his control and rediscover the meaning of its development. (René Huyghe)

Opening Espace Belle de N

March 10th 2012

"Espace Belle de N has for vocation to be opened to those who work at the culture, the art, the associative and the crafts. " - Le Journal du Centre - March 6th

The layout in medieval psalters (Utrecht, Harley, Bury, Eadwine ...)

Study of composition

In the Middle Ages, the layout, studied in Utrecht, Harley, Eadwine or Bury Psalters, is based on the space between two lines. Artists and scribes have shared space of folios, first independently and then by a composition linking texts and drawings.
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Musicality in the Bayeux Tapestry

study of composition

The composition of the Bayeux Tapestry is very musical. This is a series of short scenes, long, which are built as an epic poem, such as the Chanson de Roland.
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Nature in harmony

Salle des Elections - Fontainebleau
September 2011

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